by Jeff Schreve

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Have You Lost Your Song? (3 of 4)
Series: A New Normal
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 137:1-4

Lord, we thank you thank, our life is in Your hands and, Lord, that we can trust You. No matter what comes our way, we can trust You. And, Lord, we pray that You would just speak to our hearts as we study Your Word. Lord, speak to us at the point of our need and help us to do what You say do; Lord, that we wouldn't be forgetful hearers, but we'd be effectual doers. You have said in Your Word that, "If you know these things, you're blessed if you do them." Lord, we want to do them, in Jesus' name, amen.

On October 1, 1935, a baby girl was born. Her name was Julia Elizabeth Wells. She was born into kind of a poor family. She had kind of a rough upbringing. When she was 8 years old, she started to sing, and her parents really started to notice, "You have a really good voice." And she began to take some lessons. And her parents were involved in show business, and they got her involved, and they began to sing together as a family. When this girl was 13 years old, she got to sing for the Royal Family in England, the youngest person to ever get to sing before the Royal Family. Her voice was so unique. She had a 4-octive voice. And it was so clear and had such a beautiful sound. She came to America when she was just a teenager. She got her first job on Broadway when she was 19. And not long after that, she appeared in her first movie. And then, other movies came. And perhaps you have seen this lady in her most famous movie.

Julie Andrews. Now she didn't start out Julie Andrews. She started out Julia Elizabeth Wells. But we know her as Julie Andrews. And she, from that time in her life, was singing and singing and had been singing for decades and blessing and wowing crowds all over the world. And in 1997, when she was in her early 60s, she developed non-cancerous nodules on her vocal chords and she had to have surgery. And she was told th ...

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