by Samuel Burgess

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It's all about God from Start to Finish (2 of 2)
Series: The Responsibility of the Christian
Sammy Burgess
Philippians 2:12,13

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{Illustration}> Some time ago I read about a man named Connor O'Reilly. He was a poor Irishman of the last century who dreamed of emigrating to America. His dream came true when someone bought him a ticket for an ocean liner that would take him to America. The day he boarded, he took the few shillings that he had and bought a few loaves of bread and stuffed them into his tattered suitcase.

During the week that the ship was at sea, O'Reilly would slip away to his cabin and pull out his bread and eat a bit. He carefully watched what he ate so as to make sure it would last him for the entire trip and the first few days he was in America. Each day he would walk by the dining room and stare through the windows watching the other passengers eating gourmet meals.

The evening before the ship was to dock in New York, a man asked O'Reilly to join him for the evening meal. He blushed a bit and said, "Ah, many thanks to you, but I don't have any money." The man said, "What are you talking about? You don't need any money to eat in the dining room. Your ticket to board the ship was also your ticket to the ship's dining room. You've had 3 wonderful meals a day already paid for since you left home."

How is your Christian life? Are you living on a few scraps you have handy to get you by in your daily life? Or are you enjoying the journey; feasting on all that God has paid and prepared for you to have?

If there was one word that I could use to describe the life of a 21st Century Christian, it would be "careless". Most Christians I believe are careless in their pursuit of God. There are so many who don't seek Him with all their heart.

*I believe that there is one thing every Christian should pursue in life…they should want to be all that God has designed and purposed them to be. The Christian life is a journey, and the C ...

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