by Jeff Schreve

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A New Lease on Love (4 of 8)
Series: A New Lease on Life
Jeff Schreve
Song of Solomon 2:15

Well for the last several weeks we have been a series entitled A New Lease On Life. And we have been talking about how God is the God of life change. God is such a great and awesome God and He is in the business of changing people's lives. Your life can be going in a terrible direction and He can turn you around (Snapped Fingers) just like that the moment you repent and return to Him. He can bring times of refreshing we have seen great testimonies of Him doing just that.

And you know today we want to talk about a big area in so many people's lives where they need a new lease on life actually a New Lease On Love and that is in their marriages.

Well we live in a world today, a world of throw away marriages, so many people get married and then they get divorced. And then they go through problems and troubles and trials and they say this is not working out so I am going to bail out. And those that don't get divorced, so many of them, they don't have a good marriage and they went into marriage wanting it to be good but they are not happy and many of them have just kind of well I'll just gut it out and grit my teeth and make it through. And comedy is really based, so much of it, based on unhappy marriages. Rodney Daingerfield, the comedian that has since died, but he was famous for talking about his marriage and the problems with it. He said ''My wife and I were happily married for twenty years until we met.'' The Lockhorns, anybody ever read the Lockhorns? Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn, they have a horrible marriage, just horrible and they are all the time getting after each other and in one episode she says to him ''You're a lot like my father that is why my mother cried when we got married.'' Bad marriages ran rampant in their whole family.

Someone has once said that the shortest sentence in the English language is I am and the longest sentence is I do. Now isn't ...

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