by Jeff Schreve

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In The Torture Chamber (5 of 8)
Series: A New Lease on Life
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 18:21-35

In April of 2000, I was invited to speak in England. A little town in England called Huddersfield. And I was so pumped and jazzed about being asked to go to England to preach and there was a group that came with me from my church and we witnessed in the schools and we were allowed to speak in the schools about Jesus and tell about our lives and we preached every night from Sunday morning, Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night and I got to talk to college students. And it was a great experience and then we had two days, Thursday and Friday that were free days. And we left Huddersfield and we went to London. And I had never been to London Debbie had never been to London and we spent two days in London.

Now how many in here have ever been to London? Quite a number of you have been to London. You know one of the greatest places to go the biggest tourist sites in London and tourist attraction is the Tower of London. The Tower of London is an incredible structure. It was founded in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror. And it was built as a fortress a royal palace and a prison for high profile criminals and for royal prisoners. And in the prison area, we went in the Tower of London you went in all these places that is where they have the crown jewels and they don't really emphasize the prison area but it was there. And then in the prison area they also had another place the torture chamber. And many, many people died and were tortured to death at the Tower of London. If you go and do a search about the Tower of London and the torture that they did there you will find and read about many people who died and read about terrible horrible things.

You know one of the most brutal forms of torture and it is what I think most people think about, when they think of torture chambers is this thing called the rack. Have you ever heard of the rack? T ...

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