by Jeff Schreve

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Not Guilty (7 of 8)
Series: A New Lease on Life
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Romans 8:1-2

If you have your Bibles turn to Romans chapter 8, Romans chapter 8, I want to speak to you today on a subject I have entitled "Not Guilty!"

A little boy flew on an airplane one day it was his first time to ever fly on an airplane and he had to fly alone. And his mother got him all fixed up you know took him to the terminal and told the stewardess and he got a special spot and they gave him a window seat. And so he was sitting on the window seat just a little guy first time on an airplane and right next to him came a man. He was big he was burly he had earrings all over and a nose ring and he was tattooed and he just looked like he could be on the WWF and just a biker scary looking guy and he sat down right next to the kid and he kinda looked at him. The kid was scared to death. Well that big burly guy after the plane took off he fell fast asleep. And the little boy was there at the window seat and the plane started to go through some turbulence and the little kid started to feel sick. And he needed to go to the bathroom but next to him was the big burly guy and he was asleep and he thought how can I do this? This guy I don't want to wake him up. And so he was looking to see how he was going to get around the big guy and just at that time the plane took a dip and his stomach turned over and he threw up all over the big guy (Laughter) all over him. The guy stayed asleep for a few minutes and then the smell awoke him and he looked and he saw vomit all over him and he looked over at the kid and the kid said "So mister you feeling better now?" (Laughter) I want to talk to you today about a subject that will make you feel so much better right now.

See I am convinced that multitudes and multitudes of people in our world in our cities in this city in our churches and in this church are suffering from a malady something that eats them up inside and that malady is GUILT. Sufferi ...

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