by Jeff Schreve

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Hell on Earth (3 of 7)
Series: Living in the Last Days
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 24:15-22

The cross said it all. Let's pray together. Father, we are so grateful for the cross. And, Lord, we thank You that You proved Your love by giving Your Son for us on the cross. And, Jesus, You willingly went to the cross because You love us. And, Lord, we just pray that You would speak to our hearts; that our hearts would be good soil to receive from You today and receive from Your Word as we study the last days. And, Lord, we are excited about what You're going to do as we open Your Word. Lord, help it to be fresh bread to our hearts; that it would make changes in our lives; and that we would respond, Lord, to what You say. For we pray in Jesus' name, amen.

Matthew chapter 24. We are in a series entitled, "Twenty-four (looking at Matthew 24): Living in the Last Days." They are the words of Jesus as He talked about what is going to happen before His coming. The Scripture lets us know that difficult days are coming. Paul told Timothy, "In the last days, difficult times will come."

I heard about a church, a little church, and they had in their bulletin (true story), they had in their bulletin the sermon title for the evening. It was entitled, "What is Hell?" Right underneath it it said: "Come early and listen to our choir practice!"

We're going to talk today about hell, but not the physical place hell that God created for the devil and his angels; we're going to talk about the hell that is coming to earth. Jesus said that in the last days we are literally going to have hell on earth. The time that is so difficult, those difficult days, those days that are hard to bear, the Bible calls that time "the tribulation period." And Jesus tells us about what's going to happen, because to be forewarned is to be forearmed. And if you know what's coming, you can be ready. You can be prepared. You can be praying. And you can be at peace. So we're going to look today at the t ...

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