by Jeff Schreve

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A Blaze of Glory (5 of 7)
Series: Living in the Last Days
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 24:29-31

The Lord is great and greatly to be praised. And He wants to work greatly in your life today. We're in a series called, "Twenty-four: Living in the Last Days" from Matthew chapter 24. And if you have your Bible, please turn there, and we're going to talk today about the return of Christ in a message I've entitled, "A Blaze of Glory."

A young man was learning how to fly. And he was up in the plane with his instructor. And the instructor looked at him and he said, "You ready to go down now?" He said, "Yeah, let's do it." And so the instructor was watching this novice and this student, and he was surprised this guy was so calm. They're getting ready to land. He's so calm, so cool, so collected. He's just sitting there smiling. And when they hit the ground, they hit so hard they bounced 50? feet in the air and hit the ground, bounced another 25? feet in the air. Finally, went off the runway and stopped in the mud. And that instructor looked at him and he said, "Son, in all my years as a flight instructor, that was the worst student landing I've ever experienced in my life." And he said, "Me? I thought you were landing the plane!" Sometimes, in this crazy world in which we live, you can wonder aloud, Is anyone in control? Is there anyone landing the plane? Does anyone have his hands on the controls?

In the last of the last days, in the tribulation period, when the whole world seems to be coming unglued and falling apart, and there are wars and rumors of wars, and famines, and disasters, and earthquakes, and pestilence, and death, people will wonder, Is anyone in control? The Lord reigns. He is the mighty God. And He is in control of everything. There is not a blade of grass that can blow in the wind unless God allows it and unless God knows about it. He's control; He's in control of everything. Even when you don't think He's in control, He is. And He has everything ...

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