by Jeff Schreve

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Remembering Tomorrow (6 of 7)
Series: Living in the Last Days
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 24:37-41

Father, You are from everlasting to everlasting. And, Lord, not only are You our God, but You're our King and our Friend, and we can come boldly into Your throne of grace. You have grace to help in time of need, and You have mercy. And, Lord, You want to bring times of refreshing to each heart today. You want to speak to people today where they live. And, Lord, we just ask You to have Your way. We pray that our hearts would be good soil, Lord, to receive the Word of God that can change lives; the Word of God that is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword. Lord, change us. And, God, whatever You speak to our hearts, may our hearts say even now, "Yes, yes, Lord, have Your way." And our hearts say, "Yes, we want to do what You want us to do." Lord, take away things that would inhibit us from hearing from You. Bind the evil one from this place in the name and through the blood of Jesus. And speak, Lord, for Your servants are listening. We pray in Jesus? name, amen.

Well, if you have your Bible, please turn to Matthew chapter 24. We're in a series on Matthew 24 simply entitled, "Twenty-four: Living in the Last Day." And today, I want to speak to you on this subject, "Remembering Tomorrow."

Two elderly couples were going out on a double date. They were going to the movies - and the men sat in the front of the car and the women sat in the back of the car. And they were visiting amongst themselves. And the driver of the car said to his buddy on the right, he said, "Hey," he said, "my wife and I, we went to a restaurant the other day, a new Italian restaurant. It was so good. It was just out of this world good." And he said, "You need to go there." And the friend said, "Hey, that sounds good. What's the name of the place?" He said, "Hm, the name of it? Hm." He said, "Ah, my memory's not what it used to be." He said, "But I'm taking this memory c ...

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