by Jerry Watts

Empty at Easter
Jerry Watts
Mark 15:42-16:8

- Christ is Risen! What a message! Easter is Resurrection Day!

- Can you imagine what that first day was like? As the buzz of excitement filled the air, it was obvious that something unusual had taken place, yet no one seem to have a handle on it. There was a flurry of activity from the very people who were too afraid to be seen or heard after the violent activities of the week. Surely something had happened, but what was it?

- The celebration of the resurrection has continue for all these years because despite all the concerted efforts to disprove it, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead stands because it has withstood the scrutiny of one investigation after another. Secular professors of history and archeology who have set out to disprove the fact of the resurrection have come away with the clear testimony that history is an ally of the resurrection. Think about it in terms of today: Jesus was dead, He was buried, and has now risen from the dead! I submit that if Christ can rise from the dead, you and I can trust Him with the problems of our lives.

- When we think of Easter, we think of things being full. First, most of the Easter baskets were full this morning. Next, church buildings all over have a larger crowd than normal. Then, the choir is filled, music is full, lunch will fill our stomachs, and many houses will be filled with our earthly family. It is a day of being filled.

- Yet, Easter also brings with it some things that are EMPTY. When we hear the word empty, we think of something that is lacking (i.e. gas tank, plate, bank account, class, etc) or something that is without. So today, let's consider the subject of being ''Empty at Easter'' and let's do it in 2 slices.

1. The First Easter - In our text we discover that (as we have already mentioned) the day seem to have an unusual 'air' about it. The ladies were up before dawn headed to a grave. I can only imagine the emptiness t ...

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