by Jerry Watts

The Rolling Stone
Jerry Watts
Matthew 28:1-10

• Very few, if any, have trouble recognizing the name "Rolling Stones." For good or bad, this Rock and Roll group and fan base has created a culture rarely seen. This rock group is not the "original" rolling stone.
• Today, we have read about the original rolling stone. And in this stone we discover the required power to change a culture, country, and a soul.
• All my life I've had a vivid imagination. Whether a "blessing or curse", it was never enough simply to verbalize, I always had to visualize. Every time I read this text, I get chill bumps about the happenings. To visualize the ladies coming to a "GRAVE" at dawn, an earthquake, the massive stone move, and then there is this guy dressed in white. As a child, I was afraid of even being around death, grave yards, and funeral homes. When I worked in a funeral home, I was called to "spend the night" there. To get to the apartment, I had to get in the elevator and go to second floor. It was a little spooky when I pressed the button and the elevator wouldn't move. (I repeated this about 10 times) Finally, I realized that I needed to press 2 instead of 1 (where I was). As a teen, we'd drive in the cemetery and watch the lights off the tombstones.
• Three men talking about their funerals and what they wanted people to say while looking at their casket; 1) He was a good family man, 2) He was a good Christian, 3) look, I think He's moving!
• Jesus was killed! Jesus was buried!! Jesus moved and is still moving today!! The stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty!! Let ask and answer 3 simple questions about the rolling stone!
? Please understand that I am not trying to be cute nor exhaustive in answering this question, I am only trying to be practical.
a) To Display Its Contents - By nature, a grave seems mysterious. As a kid, we used to walk around the cemetery and see ant beds on a grave and wonder what was in ...

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