by Steve Jones

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Homosexuality - Why Have the Discussion? (1 of 4)
Series: WWJD about LGBT?
Steve Jones
John 17:11

Introduction: Two years ago our church threw a Hawaiian style luau. All of the food was set up on tables buffet-style out-doors. As I was making my way past a food table, filling my plate with food, Bob Mattern went by on the other side of the table. Bob looked me in the eye and said, ''I need to talk to you.'' I looked at him and smiled and said, ''Really?'' He replied, unsmiling, ''Yes, really, I need to talk to you'' and then we moved along in our respective lines. As Tami and I sat down at a table she leaned over and said, ''What was THAT all about?'' I said, ''I don't know.'' She said, ''What did you do?'' you know, like I'm always doing something to irritate people. I said, ''I don't know. I can't think of anything.'' If you don't know Bob Mattern I want to show you a picture. The guy is HUGE. He has this wicked Fu Manchu mustache. I can't even GROW a mustache. He's a biker. He LOOKS like the kind of guy that even Chuck Norris wouldn't want to bump into in a dark alley at night. I lost my appetite. I thought about my previous interactions with Bob. I thought about my last couple of sermons trying to remember if there was anything especially offensive in them. Finally, I went over to Bob and said, ''Hey Bob, you said you wanted to talk?'' He said, ''Yeah, that's right. Let's go over here around the side of the building.'' I said, ''Can Tami come with us?'' He said, ''No this is private.'' So we walk off a little ways and then Bob turns to me and says, ''I'm thinking about getting more active in Christian ministry to bikers and I want to know your ideas about that.'' I said, ''Bob, are you kidding me? THAT'S what you wanted to talk to me about? Why didn't you say so? Why didn't you give me some kind of HEAD'S UP about what you wanted to talk to me about? Good grief!''

Can I give you a tip? If you ever want to talk to someone about something, don't be all ...

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