by Ernest Easley

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God's Provision of Truth (10 of 18)
Series: The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
John 1:1-5, 14-18

As we continue our series of messages under the heading: The If's, Ands and Buts of the Bible … turn with me to the gospel according to John. We're going to begin reading in a moment from chapter 1.
Now for you who are joining us today for perhaps the first time .. or perhaps it's been awhile since you've worshipped with us … let me say to you that when we talk about the "IF's" of the Bible .. we're talking about The Promises of God. Though all of God's promises are trustworthy .. most of them are conditional. God says, "If you do this, then I'll do that."
And for several weeks now we've looked at some of those great promises of God and what they mean for us today. Our focus wasn't on the actual word "IF" but what those "IF's" point us to: namely the promises of God.
Last time together we moved from the "Ifs" of the Bible, those Promises of God to the "Ands" of the Bible, those Provisions of God. Again .. our focus isn't on the word "And" but rather on the provisions God has for us that are linked together by the word "and."
After we consider some of God's wonderful Provisions for us .. we're going to wrap up this series by looking at some of the "buts" of the Bible which points us to the Providence of God.
Now last time together from John 1 .. we saw one of the great provisions of God: GRACE, God's unmerited favor. God's grace means that there is nothing we can do so good to cause God to love us more and there's nothing we can do so bad to cause God to love us less. Jesus is God's Grace with legs!
Now today we're going to see the second half of this first couplet that's tied together with the word "and." We're going to find that not only is Jesus full of GRACE .. He is full of TRUTH! If you're looking for absolute truth today .. look no further than Jesus who is full of truth! Full of Grace and Full of Truth!
So fr ...

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