by Jeff Strite

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Getting In The Game (1 of 4)
Series: Game Changers
Jeff Strite
Acts 9:1-22

(We used the first 2:17 minutes of this online video. It's a series of highlights of Jeremy Lin's powerful game-winning performance against the New Jersey Nets February 4th, 2012)

What you just observed is called Lin-sanity.
Jeremy Lin is newest the sensation of the NBA season. In the few short weeks since the game you just saw highlights from, the sales of his jerseys have skyrocketed to the most top selling item on the NBA market. In addition, his name is being placed on basketballs, shoes, hats, toys, etc. He has become one of the most popular basketball players of this season.

Lin is a Harvard Graduate. And while at Harvard, he led that college's basketball team to a record 21 wins. Because of his stellar performance, he was able to enter the NBA and begin to fulfil his dreams to be a professional basketball player.
The only problem was - the NBA if filled with some of the best basketball players in the nation. And he was only one of many. And most teams weren't all that impressed with him.
The Dallas Mavericks had him for a time
As did the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets.
But he was eventually passed on to the NY Knicks (where he now plays).

But even Knicks Coach said: "I didn't know he could play defense, I didn't think he could shoot well enough and I didn't think he could go up and finish. I'm going, 'He can't finish, can't shoot, can't play defense. I like his speed, but I don't know."

Because of those doubts, Knicks were planning to trade Lin for another player on Feb. 10th.

But then - just 6 days before that deadline - came February 4th. The Knicks faced the New Jersey Nets… and two of their best players were on the injured list. But even with those players, the Knicks were a terrible team - they'd lost far more games than they won that season.

When their point guard ...

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