by Dennis Marquardt

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The Door of Your Home! (1 of 9)
Series: Open Doors
Dennis Marquardt
Exodus 12:1-13; Deuteronomy11:18-21

TEXT: Exodus 12:1-13; Deut. 11:18-21

INTRO: Doors are such important items ... without them we could not get into a place, or get out! Doors become the way in, and the way out!

When we understand that everything that comes into our home does so through a door we can appreciate the symbolic dimension of this event in Exodus and in Deuteronomy about covering the "doorposts" with blood and with God's Word!

The symbol here is powerful ... the entrance to our home where our family lives is to be covered by the "blood of the Lamb." Everything that comes in should pass by the "blood of the Lamb," and everything that comes out will pass by it also!

Only those homes where the entrance was covered by the blood of the sacrificial lamb were spared the destructive death angel ... and this is still true!

How's the entrance to your home ... how about the door to your heart too?

PROP. SENT: The Bible will teach us that we are responsible to keep the entrance to our heart and home covered with the blood of the Lamb of God ... this alone will keep out the "death" angel!

I. FRESH START Ex. 12:1-11

A. New Calendar! Ex. 12:1-4
1. While all the previous miracles had failed to get Pharaoh to let God's people go this final one will ... it will be the start of a whole new life for Israel!
a. This final contest will be won by applying the "blood of the Lamb" to the doorposts of one's home...
b. The only protection for both Egyptian and Jew would be the "blood of the Lamb"... if applied, those inside will be safe!
c. This foreshadows the greater "Lamb of God" that later will come, Jesus as the "Lamb of God" will shed His blood ... and it too must be applied to the entrance of our heart and our home if we are to be protected by God!
2. This new event will signal freedom from Egypt for Israel ... thus it will become the spiritual new year for them .. ...

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