by Dennis Marquardt

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Entering The ''Prayer Closet Door! (3 of 9)
Series: Open Doors
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 6:5-6,19-21

INTRO: Jesus when teaching about prayer invites His disciples not to be concerned about the public demonstration of prayer ... but to find a place of prayer in a special ''closet!''

The term ''prayer closet'' comes from this passage of scripture; but many really don't comprehend what it actually means, because they are thinking of a regular closet, not the ''treasure room'' which is the literal translation from the Greek word used.

So, what was Jesus trying to say here?

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us to have a private prayer life that is an important part of our relationship with God.

I. CLOSET LIFE! Matt. 6:5-6

A. The Room Matt. 6:6
1. The Greek word here is ''temeion'' which literally means ''treasure room!''
a. It was a secret room in every home where the family's treasurers were kept for safety reasons!
b. It was a secure room designed to keep safe ones' treasures from thieves!
c. For this reason, it was a room usually known only to the family members!
2. Here a man would go from time to time to be around his treasures and contemplate his wealth; it was the room where security was found!
3. It is this ''treasure room'' (KJV calls it a ''closet'') that Jesus says we are to enter when we pray!
4. The concept used in Matt. 6:21 where Jesus talks about ''laying up treasures in Heaven'' may play into this ''treasure room'' idea!
5. Today in modern Greece, the ''temeion'' is the cashier in a store or office. The word translated ''closet'' in some translations is still in use today, but it means ''cashier!'' in Modern Greek.
6. It is ironic that Jesus would choose this room to be the place or prayer ... or maybe it makes more sense than it seems!
a. Notice that the Temple of God had a treasure room! *Neh. 10:38
b. Hezekiah got into trouble because he took allies into the treasure room in God's Temple and took pride in how much he had .. ...

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