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Exercising Power Under Control: What Are You Inheriting? (3 of 8)
Series: Blessing Redefined
Jeff Lynn
Matthew 5:5
January 29, 2012

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This morning we are looking at the 3rd of the 8 beatitudes; so-called because the word "beatitude" is from a Latin word that means "blissful, blessed, happy, fulfilled".
These 8 verses from verse 3 to verse 10 all begin with the word "blessed".

We have established that these are not entry requirements into the kingdom of heaven, but are characteristics of the grace of God in a disciple of Christ.

These "blessings" are a far cry from what was expected by the Jews of the first century.

Even today, people are tempted to define blessing by something other than how Jesus defines it.
That's why this series is called, "Blessing Redefined".

As I said at the beginning of this series 2 weeks ago, this initial teaching of Jesus had to send shockwaves through Israel and perhaps anger those who were ready to overthrow the Roman Empire and set up an earthly kingdom.

Perhaps no beatitude was more countercultural or unexpected than the one we are looking at this morning. So let's stand and read together aloud Matthew 5:1-5

TEXT: Matthew 5:1-5

We've already established what the word "blessed" means.
To be blessed is not a superficial feeling based on circumstances, but a deep-rooted contentedness based on the fact that one's life is rightly aligned with God.
It means "blissful".

Again, The Greeks called the island Cyprus "blessed" because they believed that it was so lovely and rich and so fertile an island that a man would never need to go beyond its coastline to find the perfectly happy life.
It contained everything needed to be fulfilled.
The Greek historian Herodotus used the term "blessed" to describe an oasis in the desert.
So, what does the word "meek" mean?

Let's first look at what it doesn't mean.

It doesn't mean that you're weak, or that you have no backbone or courage. ...

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