MONEY! (2 OF 5)

by Dennis Marquardt

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Money! (2 of 5)
Series: Great Issues Of Life
Dennis Marquardt
Hebrews 13:5-6; Luke 16:1-15

Intro: What percentage of our lives is touched by money? What areas of our lives are impacted by money? Really, is there anything in our lives that is not somehow affected by money? When you understand this truth you will realize why Jesus spoke so much about money, its power, its usefulness, and its dangers.

Jesus actually spoke more than twice as much about money than He did the subjects of Heaven and Hell combined!!

Look at all the areas of our lives touched by money:

a. Food
b. Clothing
c. Shelter
d. Vehicles - travel
e. To some extent, even our friends ... we tend to be around the people who are in the same social-economic level as us!
f. Education level
g. Our hobbies
h. Our vacations ... or lack of them!
i. The size of our families
j. The way we celebrate just about anything!
k. The type of jobs we look for
l. Community involvement
m. Our exercise ... recreational activities
n. Our politics
o. Our utilities
p. Our church ... and religion in general!

PROP. SENT: Money impacts every area of our life ... even our spiritual life, therefore, God calls us to be good stewards of everything material we receive in life ... proper use of "things" can make or break our spiritual life!


A. Cavalier! Luke 16:1
1. The role of a manager is introduced:
a. He owned nothing ... but managed everything owned by someone else!
b. Through management he was allowed to earn for himself some profits.
c. He could waste the profits or invest them...
2. This manager had taken the attitude of "I'll enjoy life now and worry about tomorrow sometime tomorrow!"
a. He had used up his profits about as fast as he had gained them, the story indicates clearly that he had no reserves personally himself … obvious from the fact that he does not pay back what he had misused; instead he restructures the master's loans s ...

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