by Dennis Marquardt

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Managing Life! (5 of 5)
Series: Great Issues Of Life
Dennis Marquardt
Colossians 3:1-21

INTRO: How important is good management?

ILLUS: During World War II on a bombing run over a German city one of the ally’s B-17’s was struck by fire from a 20 millimeter gun ... but they completed their mission and made it back to base. When they landed the pilot was shocked to learn that a 20 millimeter shell had hit their fuel tank ... but no explosion. While finding this incredible, the pilot the next day went down to get the shell that hadn’t exploded in their fuel tank as a souvenir of great luck ... then the story really got crazy! Not only had their plane taken one 20 millimeter shell in their fuel tank without exploding, it had taken 11 unexploded shells without exploding ... all 11 in the fuel tanks of the plane! He of course had to wait until the shells had been defused before keeping them as souvenirs ... and when they finally came, with them came this astounding story. When opened most of the shells were found to be empty ... but one contained a piece of paper with Czech writing on it. When they found someone who could read it, this is what it said, ‘‘THIS IS ALL WE CAN DO FOR YOU NOW!’’ Poor management of supplies and production weaknesses with great demands had caused the Czech factory that produced the shells to be made without explosive charges ... so they sent them empty because of the German demands ... management and supply had been the problem! - Source Unknown

PROP. SENT: There are 3 great areas of life that require careful management in order for our life to be what God would desire it to be ... sloppy management in any of these will cause us to experience less than God’s best!

I. HEART Col. 3:1-14

A. Responsibility Col. 3:1-11
1. ‘‘Set your heart’’ ... language of action and will!
2. While God gives us a new heart ... keeping it healthy requires some discipline on our part also!
3. We are responsible for the choices we make!
a. We can ...

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