by Jerry Watts

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Sure Could Use Good News (1 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 1:1-7

• The pop singer, Anne Murray, recorded a song which said, "Sure could use, a little good news today." I don't know about you, but surely is a truism for me. You see, we live in a world which is inundated with bad news. Read a paper, watch the news, listen to the radio, or worse yet, check the internet, bad news abounds. Iraq, Iran, world hunger, disease, killings, drugs, divorces, immorality, abortions, and the list goes on without end.
• It was into a world like this that Paul sat down one winter, in the house of Gaius, and wrote a letter to the church in Rome. He knew that the believer in Rome needed many things. He knew they needed a better understanding of the gospel of God. He knew some encouragement. He knew they needed a brother, a mentor, a friend to come along side of them and hold them up. He knew that they needed "stirring up" in their faith. They needed much.
• In response to their need he penned the wonderful letter that we call the "Book of Romans." Today we begin a journey through the 16 chapters of this letters and we'll call this series of messages, "Romans- God's Glorious Gospel." So turn with me to Romans 1:1-7.
• In his 3-volume study guide on Romans called "Foundations for our Faith", Dr. Adrian Rogers entitled the first chapter, "The book that changed the world." Think about that thought for moment. What a grandiose statement. But not so grandiose when you consider history. Many of the great Christian leaders had their faith ignited by a deep study and divine understanding of Romans. Some may ask why? Back to a modern day legend, Dr. Rogers tells us that in this letter Paul writes about sin, salvation, sanctification, sovereignty, sacrifice, and service to, of, and for, God himself.
• Consider this; this book changed the lives of men like St. Augustine, Martin Luther, the Wesley brothers, and even John Calvin. Th ...

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