by Jerry Watts

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The Impact of Good News (2 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 1:8-15

• Good News! What comes to your mind when you hear these two words? For one couple it may be "you're expecting a baby." For another couple it could be, "you're approved for your new house." For one person it would be, "you're accepted into law school", while to another possibly, "your tumor was benign." Whether these or others during your life, you have, no doubt been the recipient of some good news.
• There is one interesting thing about good news, "you HAVE to tell it." When Deb found out that Christy was on her way, we had a "race" to be the one to "tell the story." Were you to be cured from cancer, healed from an incurable disease, or even have your sight restored, you would TELL IT!! That is the nature of good news-if you don't tell it you will literally explode. Sadly, bad news gets told-but truly, good news will erupt if not released.
• The best news to ever come to anyone is the news of Jesus Christ. It is news that must be told. And if told, has the power to change not just lives, but the world. Nowhere is this great more clearly told than in Paul's letter to the church at Rome. Turn to Romans 1. Last week we began with the Good News which Paul is telling; it is the news of Jesus. His promise, provision, power, and purpose. Today Paul opens the door on his PERSONAL life, thus, he sheds light on the impact of this good news on my life as a BELIEVER. Let's read verses 8-15.
• Did you hear that? Paul says, I am "eager." KJV says, "Ready," one paraphrase says, "can't wait." The Greek word literally means, "ready and willing." The word "preach" means to evangelize, not the pulpit. You see, Paul knew that this was good news. He discovered this good news on the road to Damascus, became a believer and learner, thus he can now hardly wait to tell it. Please listen; THIS IS the life of a healthy believer. The Healthy Believer is ta ...

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