by Jerry Watts

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The Release of the Gospel (3 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 1:13-17

• It matters not which statistics you quote or whose research you recite, one thing is certain; the moral climate in this nation is changing and NOT for the better. We are seemingly on the slippery slope of moral decay that will not be checked. It's killing our country, our communities, our culture and especially our kids.
• In 2003 (Kaiser Family Foundation) 62% of seniors in High School had had sex before marriage, and no surprise, is that 4 million teenagers every year contract AIDS.
• Why is this happening? On Wednesday evening, Men's Fraternity saw a chart not too many weeks ago that serve as an eye-opener about why we are where we are. (Show chart on Screen). IN 1960, over 80% of children in America lived with their biological father compared to 1990, less than 40% have that influence. I make no apologies for saying this; the moral decay, the changing culture, as well as the violent nature of our society can be traced back to the disintegrating home and the disappearing "dad". It is sad to say but some homes have a resident dad but not a "present father." The results of these truths are far-reaching. One (and I only mention one) of these results is a generation or a culture that has lost her way, her step, and her direction. The modern day thinking goes something like this; "I have to watch out for me, take care of me, and be concerned for me, because we all have to take care of ourselves. I owe no one anything, I have no obligation to anyone or anything, as long as life fits in my plan, runs by my schedule, and I am in control, them it's okay."
• By the way, this can well be the reason we have a generation of teenagers that are only concerned about getting the coolest, latest, and greatest widget available. You see, they have been conditioned to believe that "if' they get the latest and greatest it will eventually bring them happiness ...

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