by Jerry Watts

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Being Honest (4 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 1:18-32

• Would you cherish loving arm if you'd never shed a tear
Would you welcome going home if you'd never been away?
Would you treasure guiding hands if you'd never been alone?
Would you value having hope if you'd never known despair?
Would you treasure being safe if you'd never lost your way?
Would you cherish gentle words if you'd never been afraid?
I don't think so I don't think so, I really don't think so
? When Grace Hawthorne and Buryl Red wrote this song over 30 years ago, the purpose was help us realize that the because of the difficulties we appreciate the good which comes our way. Life is filled with good and bad.
? Years ago when the telegrams were delivered by Western Union in person, a young man applied to be a messenger. However, on his application he said there was one thing he could not or would not do, and that was "deliver bad news." He didn't get the job. It is true there is no good news like "the" good news of God.
? The Apostle Paul loved giving the "good news" but above all was always honest! When Paul wrote this letter to the church at Rome, he knew they needed this good news but they also required honestly. Like a master writer, Paul interweaves both the good and the honest into this letter. Paul has written what we know to be 17 verses of good news to this group of believer and now in verse 18, he reminds them of the "bad news" or the difficult news. Turn to Romans 1:18-25 and follow.
? When I read those first seven words of verse 18 it leaves a knot in my stomach. Now, understand I am fully aware of Romans 8:1 which says, "Therefore, no condemnation exists for those who are in Christ." So the knot in my stomach is not for me. Thanks be to God I am in Christ Jesus. However, my concern is for anyone and everyone who is outside of His grace and mercy and thus, not saved through His blood.
? Here is our warning; this text is qu ...

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