by Jerry Watts

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Understanding the Judgment of God - Pt 1 (5 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 2:1-16

• It was on a Monday in 1994 that I first heard the news. Actually, that Monday was my Mom and Dad's anniversary (June 13). From the news on the radio I heard, "Last night in Los Angeles the x-wife of O. J. Simpson and a friend were found murdered outside of her apartment." Believe this or not, my first thought was this, "wonder if O. J. had anything to do with it?" Already most of us are rolling our eyes as we recall the 150 witnesses, the 134 days of televised testimony, and the long protracted trial. One of the sad outcomes of O.J.'s trial is this; while the jury acquitted him, most of those who watched came to an entirely different conclusion. Many, if not most, believe he got away with murder. Let me put this in terms which help us understand why I even mention this story: O.J. stood before a judge, the evidence was laid forth, a verdict was rendered, and (popular opinion seems to be) he beat the system.
• Although the message today from God's word is not a popular one, here it is; Hebrews 9:27, "it is appoint for people to die once - after this, judgment." Romans 14 and 2 Corinthians 10 speaks to every born again child of God and says, "We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ." Revelation 20 speaks of a "Great White Throne" judgment where all those outside of Christ will be judged. The Bible teaches us that EVERY PERSON who has ever lived, one day, will be judged.
• If I'm going to be judged, I want to KNOW what the standard will be. One of the reasons that I have little interest in International travel is because I do not know the legal system of other countries, so were I to do some-thing which was illegal, I would have little defense.
• Today we come to Romans 2, please turn there. Many of the translators call these first 16 verses "God's Righteous Judgment." After reading literally hours of commentary on ...

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