by Jerry Watts

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Understanding the Judgment of God - Pt 2 (6 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 2:1-16

• Please turn to Romans 2 and in just a minute, we'll read the first 16 verses. For years in the entertainment world we have endured the concept of "sequels." Simply put a sequel picks up a storyline where the previous movie, series, or book left off. For instance, in the late 70's "Star Trek -THE Movie" was released. In December of 2002 Star Trek Nemesis was released, this was the 10th sequel. Sometimes sequels do well, other times not so well.
• This morning we have a sequel. We are preaching and studying our way through Paul's letter to the church in Rome. Last week, we began chapter 2 which gives us an "Understanding of the Judgment of God and this week we move to part two." Some of you may ask, "How can a message on the Judgment of God be the will of the Father for Easter Sunday morning?" The reason is quite simple. The greatest display of God's determination to judge sin is Golgotha. The crucifixion of Jesus demonstrates that God will not wink at nor will He simply dismiss sin. Additionally, the greatest exhibition of grace and love given to mankind is the empty tomb. This message is a perfect fit for Easter Sunday as we are reminded of the depravity of our sin, the determination of God's judgment on sin, and the demonstration of God's grace and love through the resurrection of Christ.
• We call the Roman letter "God's Glorious Gospel," yet to get to the good news, we must comprehend the other news. Let's read together and be reminded. (TEXT)
• The judgment of God is not a popular subject. In fact, many preachers, churches, and even denominations do not and will not broach the subject because our culture prefers to hear messages about the "love of God", the "tolerance of God", the "understanding of God", and even the mercy of God. God is a God of love, tolerance (on occasion), understanding, and mercy, but ma ...

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