by Jerry Watts

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A Faith Like Abraham (14 of 49)
Series: Romans- God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 4:13-25

- The word Faith carries many different meanings. First, it means ''belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something and many times without logical proof.'' In fact, true faith will defy logic. Faith also denotes a 'system of religious belief or the group of people who adhere to it.''

- For the last 5 weeks, our messages from the Romans epistle has centered on this word, ''faith''.

- The crowning principle which we continually learning and know is that the Bible teaches; for by ''FAITH'' are we saved through grace, and not of works or of ourselves, let any man should boast.'' When this truth is deeply embedded in our life then our messages become crystal clear when we read, ''Abraham believed (that is, put his complete faith and trust in) God, and because of His faith a right standing before God was granted.''

- I believe a couple of things about us this morning; 1) I believe we all want to go to Heaven when this life is over. Truthfully, no one understanding the seriousness of their words has ever uttered, ''I don't to go to heaven, let me go to Hell.'' 2) We want to have a full and meaningful life while here on earth. The problem comes when we chart our course for this life, by this world's standard. Roy McNeil is the Worship Leader for Bro. Kevin Hamm at FBC, Gardendale. Their home page plays a little video where Bro. Roy is beginning the service with these words; ''The Bible says 'sin' is fun, but it only for a season. It'll catch up to you, want it. You know all the fun this world has to give me, I'd gladly give it up for one day in the house of the Lord.'' Faith is the answer. Faith is the key. It is by faith we receive our sight. It is by faith that our souls are set free. It is all ''By Faith.'' Today let's see ''A Faith like demonstrated by Abraham.''

- Turn with me to Romans 4 and let's glean from the Life and Faith of Abraha ...

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