GOD IS FOR US (26 OF 49)

by Jerry Watts

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God Is For Us (26 of 49)
Series: Romans- God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 8:26-30

• Don Moen is a name which is well known among modern day musicians. He has written some of the most beloved and sung songs of our time. As a writer/producer/publisher, he and the team at Integrity Music developed and released Worship projects for choirs. One of those was entitled, "God for Us". Did you realize that in His sovereignty God is actually "FOR" us?
• God is actually for everyone of His crown creation (that would be you and me), even those who don't know Him, don't want to know Him, and don't care about Him. For those God's desire is found in 2 Peter 3:9. It is God's desire that all men come to Christ and be saved. He is even for those who reject Him. He sent Jesus to forgive sin, remake us, and give us life both abundance and eternal.
• He is also for those of us who KNOW Him, have a relationship with Him, and believes in His Son Jesus. And that is what Paul is writing about in Romans 8. He is having a "believer to believer" conversation and it seems he is offering encouragement believers who need encouraging in the face of trials. Let's look at the many ways God let's us know He is FOR US.
1. God's Provision for us - God provides everything we need. When God created Adam, Adam needed life and God provided His own breath. When you and I were in sin and needed forgiveness, God provided a Savior in Jesus. When our soul needed stirring to come to faith, God provided the Holy Spirit. When we accepted His offer of salvation, we needed a helper to guide and direct us, once again, God provided the Holy Spirit.
a. The Spirit's Availability - Verse 26 says in part, "In the same way the Spirit also joins to us help." When we come to Jesus in faith, God provides the Spirit to be our counselor, guide and friend. He is always available. He is available to be our comforter, our conscious, as well as our counselor. He is one that will never mislead, ...

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