by Jerry Watts

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What Shall I Say? (27 of 49)
Series: Romans- God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 8:31-39

• Have you ever been in position where you NEEDED to say something and didn't know what to say? Certainly, we all have. Quite frankly, every person holds some fear of being in that situation.
• When does this seem to happen? Well two of those possibilities are when you receive REAL GOOD news or REAL BAD news. For instance, someone you love receives the news that they have an incurable disease, you know you SHOULD say something, you WANT to say something, but you really don't know what to say. Or how about when someone says, "you are my hero, you have inspired and impacted my life in ways which you will never know." What do you say? What words will have meaning at a time such as this?
• Last week, from God's word, we were reminded that God is for us!! In fact, since February, we have been studying the heart of the gospel and have found many such encouragements along the way. Folks, GOD IS FOR US!! And He proves it by His words, His actions, His plans, and His leadership. Everything He does is for us. He has provided for us, He has given us a promised progression, and has developed a plan for us.
• Our scripture begins today with a telling question, "What are we to say then?" My question is very simple, "What shall I say?" If God is actually for me-what am I to say? I suggest 4 responses we have.
1. I am vindicated - The word vindicated means to be cleared of blame, guilt, suspicion, and/or doubt. Paul asks 4 questions in almost a rapid fire succession which reminds us that we need to be vindicated; "Who is against us?" "Who accuses us?" "Who condemns us?", and "Who can separate us?" From these questions it is easy to assume that there is going to be a "WHO." There are going to be those who are against us, who will accuse us, who will condemn us, and certainly who will attempt to tear us away from God. Know what is very sad today? Some of th ...

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