by Jerry Watts

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Grafted into God's Family (35 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 11:16-32

• In the medical world the word graft is a common word. Physicians use grafts to repair damaged skin, they graft to repair a damaged heart, and literally they use graft to repair damage. In Botany, grafting is used for a number of reasons ranging from cosmetic to practical. That means everything from wanting the plants to look better to "better fruitfulness."
• In the Spiritual realm, when we are saved God literally grafts us into His family. And the reasons are varied. While it is true that our text teaches about Israel once again, as I have prayed and studied, I have sought to discover the message from our text which God has for each of us. Let us consider three thoughts which may help us clearly understand this process.
1. Remember the Principles - In his inspiration, Paul uses 3 pieces of imagery to help us understand how this process happens. He leans on a little history and common knowledge to make it clear. He uses a loaf, a root, and a tree. Watch how these fit together.
a. A Loaf - Most of us already have a mental picture of a loaf. Look at verse 16 and read about the 'First fruits' and the lump. As a general rule, the first fruits which were offered consisted of the first part of the harvest from the land. No one was to partake of the harvest until God was given His part. After the first fruits we given to Him, then He would bless the rest. Here, first fruits are followed by the word "lump" it gives the indication that it is talking about a loaf. The lump is what you get when you mix a solid with a liquid. This application of this one sentence could become our entire message. Just as when the harvest was gathered the first fruits had to be given, it is required that when a loaf was made, they were to pinch off the first part and give it to God. In both cases when God accepts His part, He then sanctifies the whole.
• For j ...

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