by Jerry Watts

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God - Outside or Inside Your Box (36 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 11:33-36

• Every one of us has boxes around our house. When you move, you pack everything in boxes, label the box to identify the contents, and then unpack that box when you're ready. Additionally, boxes are used to keep things. At our house, Deb is notorious for putting things in a box of some kind, labeling it, and then storing that box until it is needed. Putting things inside a box gives us the sense of organization and control. As long as it is in the box, all is well, we know where it is, and things never get messy. We love things "in the box" so much that our kids even have a toy called "Jack in the box." That toy works like this; Jack only pops out when we want him to, he only stays out as long as we want him to, and he goes back in when we say to.
• For all of these reasons (and more) the phrase "outside the box" has come to mean outside the norm, without the normal restraints, and even not under the normal controls or constraints. So anything in the box is under control having the appearance of normalcy while outside the box is outside the norm and under less control.
• As we have read our scripture and heard Paul's stirring song of praise for God and many of His attribute, it is very clear that Paul views His God as a God who is "outside the box." That is, a God who not under Paul's thumb or under control.
• So today I ask, "What type of God do you have? "Is He inside or outside of your personal box?"
• What would it mean to have God "Inside my box?" He would become;
1. A Managed God - Now, think about that just a second. This would mean;
a. I Create God - Have you noticed that some in our culture do not like the Biblical view of God? In Genesis 1:27 God says (as He speaks to the Angels and other Heavenly Bodies), "Let us make man in our image" and today the attitude seems to be "Let us make God in our image." On a cultural l ...

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