by Jerry Watts

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The Believer's Relationship to Others (41 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 13:7-10

- Life is built on relationships. It has been long said, ''It's not what you know, but who you know.'' The part of this equation which we miss is that our relationships have a huge impact on the person we are and that we become.

- As we began the study of Chapter 13 (last week) we discovered the Believer's Biblical relationship to the government. In verse 7, Paul speaks of paying all of our debts and then transitions to our relationship to others. In this way He ties his personal teachings to the teachings of Jesus and both center our relationship in this thing called ''love.'' So let's think about love.

1. The Debt of Love - Debt is a common word for us today. This nation has a staggering load. Have you ever wondered why? While the answer may be complicated on a systemic level but on a simplistic level the government of the USA only REFLECTS the values of the citizens who control it. Can we expect a government of, by, and for the people; a government who is elected by the people as a representative of the people to NOT be ALIKE the people? I think not. So we have a country who very well introduced to this thing called debt. (Snoopy cartoon-letter to IRS, ''I'm writing to cancel my subscription, please take my name off your mailing list.'' Bills are like weeds, they keep coming back. One overextended man handled the stress this way. He received a call from a creditor and said, ''Here is what I do. Every month I put all my bills in a hat and pull out 5 of them. Those are the ones which I pay. You call me again, and you won't get in the hat.'')

- Many people will verse 8 and teach that, as a matter of economics, we should NEVER go into debt for any reason. While it is likely true that God's best for us would be to not incur any debt, it is equally true that to take this one passage and make it all about money is to take away from the fu ...

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