by Jerry Watts

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The Believer's Relationship to Christ (42 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 13:11-14

• The old story is told of the young man who was completely in love with his girlfriend, but had never kissed her. Finally, he gathered up his courage and asked for permission. He said, "Can I kiss you?" She said nothing. Then he asked, "May I kiss you?" Still, she said nothing. In frustration he asked, "Are you deaf?" Quickly, she spoke and asked, "Are you paralyzed?" It seems that her message to him was "IT'S TIME."
• In the same vane it would seem that Paul is giving us the same message as this young lady gave her well-meaning boyfriend. There are times to plan, times to prepare, but there are also times to act. After communicating the believer's relationship to the government and others, Paul steps up the pressure on all believers. As a person who trusted Christ and becomes a part of His family, we are called to do a couple of things; believe, become, and do.
• The most asked question in the church today is "Who believes in Jesus?" Candidly, close to 100% would say, "I do." This answer is most troubling.
• Why? Because if those inside the church do believe in Jesus why is the darkness prevailing in our culture? Why is it that the government is on the verge of passing a law which could make it a "hate-crime" to speak out against immorality? Why is it that God is continually being kicked out of the public square? If our government is of, by, and for the people, how come the God of the people is summarily being dismissed? To ask, 'where is the church' in all of this is seemingly a moot point as the bigger question is, "Where are God's people in the fray?" Are they 'going along' to 'get along' or have they abandoned their beliefs in light of the pull of society?
• The key question is, "How can we believe in Him without doing what He says, living out His truths, and basing our lives on His word?" And the answer is, ...

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