by Jerry Watts

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Walking According To Love (44 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 14:13-23

• Having already read our text, let reread verse 15 again. (Read) I call your attention to the last part of that verse which is for me the summary of Paul's challenge to his readers. That is, to walk in love. Think for a time with me about this concept. In fact, let's break it down word by word and concept by concept.
• We begin with the word "Walking." You and I know all about walking. It is one of the first things we attempt to teach our kids and is a normal part of life. However, when we think of this type of walking, it is not about our legs it is about our life. One of the definitions reads this way; "To conduct oneself or behave in a particular manner." The way we live is our walk.
• Next, look at "according to." These two words are very interesting and used very frequently. We may say "according to my dad, my mom, the Bible, the church, or any other of a multitude of possibility. So this means "in keeping with, as determined by, and/or as indicated by."
• Finally, we come to the word "Love." Now, everybody seems to have their own definition of love. Some say it's a "warm affection or devotion", a "strong positive emotional attachment", "to be enamored with", and even "a feeling of sexual desire and passion." However, if we truly desire to understand the full range of love, we must look to the source of love. So I'll sum up love in one word: God. It is not that God can love, it is that God IS love. It is His character and nature.
• Before we get to our text, allow me to briefly set our thinking caps on correctly about this thing called love. A common modern day concept about love is that it is only an emotion you feel. Well, make no mistake you may well experience an accompanying feeling. Many times in scripture we read about God being grieved with His people and Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, but real love is more than ...

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