by Jerry Watts

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What it means to be God's! (46 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 15:14-21

• This is Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is the day we remember those who have been killed in our nation's service. We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for "freedom." You see, it meant something to those men and women to be an American. It meant putting America before your family, your friends, or even yourself. When men and women go to battle for this nation, they are saying that being an American mean giving all for America.
• The same principle applies to us in the matter of belonging to God. It seems amazing that, to some people, it means more to be an American than to belong to God. Now don't get me wrong, being an American is truly a blessing, and one in which we should thank God for every day. However, I ask today, "What does it mean to be God's?" Does it simply mean that we go to a meeting 1 or more times a week? Does it mean that we do good things in the community? For military people, being an American means total commitment, a change in their lifestyles, turning over control to someone else, and being prepared to meet the challenges they face.
• In the middle section of Romans 15, we discover Paul proclaiming this type of truth about being God's child, children, or possession. Give some thought to what it "means" to be His. How does it impact you? From our text, I suggest great effects on every believer who sells out to God; that is to say, a believer's life reflects his commitment to Christ.
1. The Characteristics - Notice verse 14 begins with these words, "Now my brothers, I myself am convinced about you." The word "convinced" is also translated "persuaded", "certain", "satisfied", and even "sure". Nothing is as convincing or persuasive as a changed life. That is, a life that reflects our Lord Jesus and His attributes. Paul lists three of them, see if they are you.
a. Full of Goodness - What in the world ...

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