by Jerry Watts

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A Life with Purpose (47 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 15:20-33

When I was a kid, watching WW2 movies and TV shows was a big thing. One of the things I remember is hearing a guard raise his gun and say, "State your purpose." Whether someone gained entry or not, depending on them having a stated purpose which was consistent with admission to the building, camp, or headquarters. In this same way, Paul wrote to the church at Corinth and clearly stated His purpose. In 1 Corinthians 9 he writes, "I have become all things to all people that I by all means might save some." I mention this statement because the ink was not dry on the parchment for the letter to Corinthians (to whom he wrote those word) when he continued that thought to the Romans here. What kept Paul passionate about the work of the gospel was a singular focus about his life. Did you realize that the reason we can become listless and apathetic about the things of God is that we have too many focuses of our life? Jesus says, "No one can serve two Masters." James says, "A double minded person is unstable in all his ways." God says, "You are to have no other gods but me." Why is this? Because a divided mind, heart, and soul, is like a divided army; which can easily be distracted and defeated.Paul lived a life of purpose and through his writings he is encouraging US to do the same. So how do we do this? How do we live a life with purpose? I'll suggest Paul modeled this life by doing 2 things which we must do;

Understanding the Priority
Paul understood his purpose, passion, and priority and NOTHING got in the way. He knew his purpose, understood his purpose, and he lived out his purpose. He did this while the personal side of his life took the back seat. When choices came his way, he sifted his choices through the filter of what mattered most in his life. Four issues which concerned him and controlled his life;

The Commitment to Ministry
Paul writes that "my aim ...

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