by Jerry Watts

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Paul's Final Words (49 of 49)
Series: Romans - God's Glorious Gospel
Jerry Watts
Romans 16:17-27

• September 11, 2001, is a day that will live in infamy. Everyone is aware of some of the events of that day. We know that radical Islamics took over several commercial planes to wreak havoc and death on the USA and her people. Additionally, we know that at the end of the day, almost 3000 innocent people were dead from these actions. Did you realize that Moises Rivas, 29, who was a chief at Windows on the World atop the North tower, realizing the imminent danger, called and left a message for his wife which said, "I Love you." Melissa Harrington called her brand new husband who was asleep in San Francisco and left this message, "There's a lot of smoke and I just wanted to let you know I love you." On that day many took the last opportunity to give their loved one's final words for remembrance.
• We all remember those last words of Todd Beamer's spoken to GTE operator, "Let's Roll". George Washington said, "I die hard, but I'm ready to go" while another former President, Woodrow Wilson, said simply, "I am ready." What would you like YOUR last words to be?
• Candidly, it is few people who realize that they words they are speaking will be their last. Over the years I have been present when a number of people have slipped away and many did not realize this was the end. Final words.
• Have you ever written a note, postcard, or letter only to get to the end and be stumped as to how to finish it? You know what you want to say, but because these are the last words you'll write, you want them to be right.
• Paul comes to the end of this extended letter and, I believe, he possessed some spiritual insight into the troubles which lay ahead for the Roman church (and maybe all churches). So he attempted to give some thoughts which would help, protect, encourage, and remind them of their task.
1. The Warnings He Exposes - Paul knew (like most of us know) that, ...

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