by Fred Michaux

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Fred Michaux


-What are some times in your life when you have been chosen?
-…people in the Bible that you would consider as having been chosen?

All the individuals identified, chronicled, chosen in Scripture are to remind us that we too are chosen. We must not succumb to the trap born out of the inherent insecurity of our humanity that the unnamed people in the crowd are forgotten, over-looked, set aside. Every story in Scripture where one is chosen and a crowd remains, every person in the crowd is a on their own journey of being chosen, for their own providential purpose, for their own divine destiny.

Our inclination towards exclusivity is born out of insecurity, we need others to lose to make us feel like winners, we need others to be left out to make us feel accepted…lose that filter!


-Luke 18:1-8
-Tonight and possibly the next couple of weeks: a prayer that won't give up, a faith that is bothersome…but tonight, a revelation that says, "I'm chosen."

Matthews 22:14?

-read 22:2-14

-the context of vs. 14 is the preceding parable…which only speaks of exclusivity as it relates to rejection, our rejection of God...

-Psalm 139:1-18

- You're chosen to have an audience with ...

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