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Persistent - Part 1 (2 of 3)
Series: Chosen
Fred Michaux



All the individuals identified, chronicled, chosen in Scripture are to remind us that we too are chosen. We must not succumb to the trap born out of the inherent insecurity of our humanity that the unnamed people in the crowd are forgotten, over-looked, set aside. Every story in Scripture where one is chosen and a crowd remains, every person in the crowd is a on their own journey of being chosen, for their own providential purpose, for their own divine destiny.


-Luke 18:1-8
-Tonight we are focusing on "persistence - a prayer that won't give up"

-What are some times in your life when you have been physically exhausted?

-Psalm 13:1
-Psalm 69:3

- "ekkakeo" - means to lose heart, fainthearted (connect to hope…)

How are we going to be a church that has "a prayer that won't give up?"

Proper Perceptions…persistence, a prayer that won't give up!

-Self-Perception - comparison
> "always pray" (how incapable we really are)
*Joshua 9:14
*Judges 16:16-20
> "a widow" (cultural term to demonstrate vulnerability)
> "a judge" (given to us to contrast, accentuate "widow")
> Matthew 6:7 (speaking to self-perception, chanting and incantations do not access some nebulous power existing in the universe, there is only one Power…the one who created it!)

-God Perception - contrast
> "unjust" - righteous
> "lawless" - ordered
> "callous" - compassionate

(next week)
> Matthew 6:8 (speaking to our God-perception, we are not informing God, we are not interacting with an aloof God who needs our clamoring to get His attention!)
> Matthew 6:9 (...always has our best interest at heart, He is all powerful, all knowing, ever present…and there is none like Him!)
> Matthew 6:11-13 (…give, forgive, lead, and deliver…what He longs to do for each of us!)

-A.W. Toz ...

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