by Johnny Hunt

The Ministry of Moses
Johnny Hunt
Exodus 18

Introduction: When someone decides to be a leader, they cross an important line; a major transition: change! They no longer are judged only by what they can do themselves. Their value now depends mainly on what they can get done through others and with others; exhortation with emulation.

If the body of Christ is likened unto an army, I must learn to move people from being ''for us'' to ''with us.''

This passage serves as a reminder that God's Word must be declared; but also implemented.

- Practically must be worked out in our lives (Ex 18:20)

- ''You teach what you know, you reproduce who you are.''

- This passage magnifies what's best for you and those you lead

- Listen to others (Jethro), God will be with you

Romans 12:16, ''Do not be wise in your own opinion.''

Prov 3:7, ''Do not be wise in your own eyes.''

- This passage tells us how to move from expenditure to investment.

- Scariest word in the passage, ''Alone.'' (14)

Subjects in this text:

- Excitement in Ministry

- Exhaustion in Ministry

- Examination in Ministry

- Exhortation in Ministry

You can also find a story of balancing both quality and quantity in ministry

You can learn the principle, ''Enjoyment increases capacity,'' and increase of capacity is increase of desire.

It's in this passage we see the principle of Prov 11:14 ''fleshed out.''

''Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.''

NOTE: Exodus 18:19 Counsel is advise.

This passage will move you from ''church work'' to the ''work of the church.''

This TIME OF TRANSITION deals with:

1. Time of Reflection. 1-8
(My last 25 years) - Testing time
2. Time of Rejoicing. 9-12
3. Time of Realization. 13-18
4. Time of Readjusting. 19-27

The ''winds of time'' are changing in Moses' ministry.

Question: Will he be teachable in order that his sails be adjusted to catch the wind of ...

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