by Steve Jones

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David, Real Heroism (9 of 32)
Series: David - Keeping It Real
Steve Jones
I Samuel 23

Introduction: John and his young son Jack were vacationing at Bar Harbor beach in Maine when they decided to go swimming. It was after 5:00 pm so there were no lifeguards on duty. While swimming John realized they were being swept out to sea by a rip current. He tried to throw Jack toward shore in the hopes that he could ride the momentum of a wave but no wave came. John watched helplessly as Jack was pulled further away from him. Fortunately, Jack drifted close enough to a lone surfer in the water to ask for help. The surfer pulled Jack up onto his surfboard and Jack promptly threw up the water that he had swallowed. The surfer paddled him safely to shore. But that left John in the water. John watched to see if the surfer would come back but he wasn't coming back, he was motioning for John to swim sideways out of the riptide, but that was getting harder and harder to do. John was trying to float on his back but the waves kept breaking over him and filling his mouth with water. John prayed for calm realizing that he might have a heart attack before he had a chance to drown. But he knew he was in deep trouble. Finally, a tattooed observer on the beach grabbed the surfboard and came in after John. He got John on the board and pulled him to safety. John never liked tattoos before that. Now he's considering getting one himself! He never got the name of the man who saved his life…I wonder if he was an angel? Do angels have tattoos?

Sometimes the opportunity to be a hero and rescue someone simply falls into your lap. That's what happened to David. By this time in this sermon series you know the routine. David was running for his life from King Saul. Saul hated David for no good reason and was trying to kill him. David is fleeing with a rag-tag band of misfit soldiers of fortune from one hiding place to another. As we pick up on David's story in I Samuel ...

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