by Jeff Strite

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Taking the Floor (4 of 5)
Series: The Road To The Final Door
Jeff Strite
John 12:12-21

OPEN: It's basketball season and we're in the midst of something called "the Road to the Final Four".
They started this weekend by singling the men's college basketball teams down to 64 teams. Then they'll winnow it down to 32. Then, they'll have 16. Then 8. And then four teams. And last of all, there will only be two men's basketball teams competing in the final championship game.
I've never been to one of these events, but I've been told that when the teams come out on the floor… it's a time of excitement. The team doesn't just casually walk out onto basketball court… this is a PRODUCTION!
There is the crescendo of the announcer's voice as he announces the team.
The university band strikes up an exciting version of the team fight song.
There are banners, balloons and streamers - cheerleaders standing at attention.
There's a lightshow that flashes all across the auditorium.
And when the crowd is worked into a fever pitch the team runs out onto the court and the crowd goes wild!!!
There's an excitement - a fervor - an anticipation of being present at a electrifying event.

All this is done because the team and their supporters are essentially declaring that they've not only come to play… they've come to win.

APPLY: That's what is happening here in John 12. Everything that happens this day at Jerusalem is focused on created that type of excitement and fervor in the crowds.
For 3 years Jesus has been building His ministry toward this day.
For 3 years, He has performed one miracle after another miracle, after another miracle.
For 3 years, he has healed the sick, the lame, the blind, the leprous.
For 3 years Jesus has attracted one crowd after another to teach them about the coming Kingdom of God.

And then - not more than about week before this - he goes to the home of Mary and Martha and raises their brother Lazarus from the dead.
By the time Jesus gets ...

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