by Joe Alain

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The Last Week: Saturday (7 of 8)
Series: The Last Week of Jesus' Life
Joe Alain
Luke 23:50-56

What happened on Saturday after Jesus died on the cross? How did Jesus' followers respond to his death? And what was happening on that silent Saturday? Where was Jesus? We probably have not thought much about the Saturday of Passion Week, but the message of Saturday is an important and encouraging one.

Before we get to Saturday though, we need to spend a little time seeing what happened immediately after Jesus died as Friday was ending and Saturday, the Sabbath was approaching. After Jesus "breathed his last" (v.46) a man named Joseph came to get permission from Pilate to retrieve the body of Jesus. The four gospels give us a detailed portrait of this disciple of Jesus. The picture we see from Scripture concerning Joseph is one that shows he is a man of character, compassion, and courage.

1. Joseph's Character
The name Joseph means "may he add" and all four Gospels tell us that he was from the town of Arimathea (v.51), a city in the Judean hills northwest of Jerusalem. We are told that he was "a member of the Council," (v.50) this was the Jewish Council - the Sanhedrin. Mark adds that he was "a prominent member of the Council" (Mk. 15:43), and Matthew says that he was a "rich man" (Matt. 27:57). So Joseph is well off financially, he's very influential, he's a man with clout, highly respected among the people and leaders.

What is significant though is that he is all of these things, but he still has his integrity intact. Luke says that Joseph is a "good and upright" man (v.50). You do not have to sacrifice your character to be successful in life! You do not have to sell your integrity to gain prosperity. You do not have to compromise to realize your goals.

Joseph's character would be put to the test when Jesus was brought before the Jewish Council. He was there during that sham so-called trial of Jesus and Joseph was not in favor of what the Jewish Co ...

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