by Jeff Strite

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Food of Faith (4 of 4)
Series: A Faith Based Life
Jeff Strite
Matthew 14:14-21

Open: An English teacher and her class were studying well-known Proverbs. One day she gave them a test to see well they understood what she taught. She would state the first half of a proverb and then asked the students to come up with the rest of what it said. These were some of the answers that the teacher got from her students on that quiz:

It's always darkest before... Daylight Savings Time.
Never underestimate the power of… termites.
Don't bite the hand that … looks dirty.
If you lie down with dogs, you'll… stink in the morning.
An idle mind is… the best way to relax.
A penny saved is… not much.
Two's company, three's… the Musketeers.
Children should be seen and not… spanked or grounded.
If at first you don't succeed… get new batteries.
When the blind leadeth the blind… get out of the way.
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and… you have to blow your nose.

APPLY: Even though the students in that class had studied those parables for several days they still had trouble with the right answers.
And even when Jesus' disciples had been with Him for several months they still had trouble with getting their answer right.

During the time they'd been with Jesus, His disciples had watched Him as He had…
• healed a Leper - Mat 8:1
• healed the servant of a Roman centurion- Mat 8:5
• healed Peter's mother in law - Mat 8:14
• and He'd also healed numerous people who'd evil spirits and various diseases - Mt 8:16
and they had even seen him
• raise a girl from the dead - Mat 9:25

They'd seen all of this.
They'd seen His power up close and personal.
But now it's late in the day - they're on a hill out in the middle of no-place - and they've got a bunch of hungry people on their hands. The disciples are practical men, and they suggest to Jesus that He send the people home so they can get something to eat.

It's then that Jesus says the mos ...

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