by Samuel Burgess

Too Soon To Quit
Sammy Burgess
Nehemiah 6:3

There is so much going on in the Church; and most of the things that are being accomplished are good things, if you are on the outside looking in. But there is something going on in the Church when you take a closer look that should be of great concern to us.

There is a movement going on inside the Church that is hindering the Work and Cause of Christ. Now, you might be surprised as to what is actually hindering the Church.

(1)- It's Not Necessarily The Gossipers; though they can divide friendships, and dismantle and disrupt a good Church.

Several years ago there was a Church member who was so disgruntled with his Preacher, he begin to spread a story about him that wasn't true. The Preacher's name was somewhat damaged and harmed. The young man got right with the Lord and went to his Pastor and asked for forgiveness. The Pastor hugged his neck and forgave him.

The young man told his Pastor that he would fix the damage that he had done. The Pastor thought for a moment, then went over to his desk, picked up a clean piece of paper, ran it through a shredder; then took some scissors and cut the paper into little pieces. He took that piece of paper now shredded, and the young man outside where the wind was blowing furiously. He threw those pieces in the air and they watched them fly and scatter everywhere.

The Pastor said, "Son, I need that clean piece of paper. Will you go, retrieve all those pieces, put them back together for me so I can use it again. That was the only piece of paper I had in my office." The young man said; "Pastor, that's impossible. I can't retrieve all those pieces of paper; they are everywhere. And even if I could, that piece of paper couldn't be used to its fullest."

The Pastor looked at the young man; he put his arms around him and said; "Son, when I said that I forgave you, I did just that. But you have taken my only character that was clean ...

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