by Samuel Burgess

Praise God My Sins Are Gone
Sammy Burgess
Romans 4:6,7; 1 John 1:9

Besides the Name JESUS what would you say is the most precious word found in the Word of God? Some of you would say GRACE! Grace means God's Riches At Christ's Expense! Some would say that the most precious word found in the Word of God is LOVE! When a person thinks about the Love of God; thinking that He "SO LOVED" the world - their thoughts begin to swim in an ocean so deep that the depth of it cannot be measured.

Some think of the word HEAVEN! Heaven is a great word. Just to mention the word Heaven, you begin to imagine the beauty and splendor of a place that is being built by our Heavenly Architect, the Lord Jesus. You imagine a Glorious and spacious place prepared for every person who belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. What a place Heaven is; what a word Heaven is.

But I would like for you to think about another word. There is a word that sums up what "Grace" really is. There is a word that describes the "Love" of God. There is a word that gives us the hope of "Heaven". I truly believe that one of the most precious words found in the Word of God is the word FORGIVEN!

I read about a cemetery not far from New York that had a particular grave, which has inscribed upon its headstone just one word "Forgiven." There is no name, no date of birth or death. The stone is unembellished by the sculptor's art. There is no epitaph, no fulsome eulogy-just that one word, "Forgiven."

I believe with all my heart that the greatest thing that can be said of any person, or written upon their grave, is "Forgiven."

One Preacher said: "I believe without question that the most beautiful word in the English language is the word "forgive". It is the most tender and touching word that can ever be spoken upon earth."

Let me give you 2 reasons why I believe that the word "FORGIVEN" is the most precious word you will ever hear or speak. (1)- Think About What For ...

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