IS IT WORTH IT? (11 OF 40)

by Stephen Whitney

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Is It Worth It? (11 of 40)
Series: Ecclesiastes
Stephen Whitney
Ecclesiastes 3:9-15

John Banvard was born in New York in 1815 and after High School when his father went bankrupt, he began to travel around the United States supporting himself with paintings he exhibited.
In 1840 artist John Banvard decided to paint a landscape of the Mississippi River. He wanted to show everything which he saw along the 1,200 miles of riverbank. He spent an entire year rowing, camping and making sketches to be able to paint the scenes which he had seen.

Then he built a studio in Kentucky large enough to accommodate his canvas, which he wound around large spools. It took him five years to complete his painting, which included scenes of Indian settlements, riverboats, a shipwreck and local forts. When it was finished it was 12 feet high and 1300 feet long and was eventually expanded to 2500 feet long. about half a mile.

He completed the painting in 1846 and it was exhibited all across America and Britain. People would gather all along the tour to watch Banvard spend two hours unrolling the canvas. The work, titled Panorama of the Mississippi, was updated through the years.

In 1862, for example, the painter added another section depiction part of the Civil War. The wear and tear of traveling, however, caused the landscape to begin to deteriorate. Eventually, portions of the painting were cut to make backdrop scenery for theaters.

Banvard died in 1891, but no one knows what happened to the rest of his painting after his death. Historians still don't know what happened, but not one picture he painted remains to show his contribution to American art.

There are times when it seems that not matter how hard we try or what we do it ends up being useless because our work doesn't last.
Life can be frustrating because it seems like nothing lasts.

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Solomon has just said God has set a right time for every activity and event which we do in our l ...

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