by Stephen Whitney

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Wisdom's Strength (26 of 40)
Series: Ecclesiastes
Stephen Whitney
Ecclesiastes 7:19-22

Ten-year old Tilly Smith was on Christmas vacation from school in London with her parents on December 26, 2004 in Thailand when a tsunamis hit the resort they were staying at. The disaster killed 176,000 people as they were swept away into the sea or drown in the fast rising water which covered the island.

Just two weeks before the disaster in her geography class she had been showed a video from an earlier tsunami so she knew the signs that a tsunami would be coming and what to do if it came.

That morning December 26, 2004 the family decided to go for a walk on the peaceful beach near the resort. Suddenly, "I saw this bubbling on the water, right on he edge and foam sizzling just like in a frying pan," she said. "The water was coming in, but it wasn't going out again. It was coming in and then in, and then in, towards the hotel."

She recognized it was an indication that earthquake-driven waves were only minutes away. Tilly turned to her mother Penny and said, 'Mum, I know there's something wrong, I know it's going
to happen - the tsunami."

When her mother replied that it was just another day at the beach, Tilly when hystrerical while her father returned to the hotel with her 8-year-old sister. While her father relayed Tilly's warning to the hotel staff, she dashed back towards the beach filled with about 100 people to tell them to leave the beach and get to higher ground.
The hotel security spread the warning and the beach was swiftly evacuated - minutes before the devastating waves stuck.

That beach was one of the few at the resort where no one was killed or seriously hurt because Tilly had paid attention in class
so with that knowledge was able to understand the signs she saw
that morning to save 100 people from certain death in the tsunami.

Wisdom is power that can save the lives of other people.

Wisdom is the abi ...

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