by Stephen Whitney

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Wisdom Revealed (33 of 40)
Series: Ecclesiastes
Stephen Whitney
Ecclesiastes 9:13-18

In II Samuel 20 a troublemaker named Sheba from the tribe of Benjamin instigated a revolt against King David by going through the tribes of Israel and gathering those who were discontent with him as their king.

Sheba and the men with him hid out in a small city in the far northern part of Israel over 100 miles north of Jerusalem where they planned to begin their revolt against the king. David gave orders for his army to surround the city and to kill Sheba and if necessary to kill any of the people who opposed them.

When the army reached the city they built a siege ramp up to it so they could knock a hole in the wall and enter the city. As they were battering down the wall a wise woman sought to find out
from Joab who was the general in charge of the army asking why he wanted to destroy their quiet and peaceful city. She reminds him that before you destroy a city you should try to make peace
with them if possible.

Joab tells her that a man named Sheba has revolted against David and they don't want to destroy the city, they have only come for him. The woman wisely told Joab that they would kill Sheba and throw his head over the wall so their city would not be destroyed
and that is exactly what they do so their city is saved.

This unnamed woman saved the small city of Abel Beth Maacah
from destruction which was on the northern border of Israel.
Her wisdom saved the whole city from being destroyed. She understood that it was better for one rebel to die than for many innocent people to die because of his rebellion.

Dictionary defines wisdom as making the best decision on any matter; discretion; good judgment or sound common sense.
It is the ability to see the consequences of your decisions so
you can avoid making mistakes that will hurt you.

Biblical wisdom is the ability to determine what is right and w ...

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