by Stephen Whitney

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Closing Confession (40 of 40)
Series: Ecclesiastes
Stephen Whitney
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

E. (Eli) Stanley Jones was an American Methodist missionary to India in the early 1900's and author of some 30 books. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his reconciliation work in Asia, Africa, and between Japan and the United States.
Once when he was on a cruise he watched a rather heavy couple who just seemed to live from one meal to the next. He wrote:
"They were angry with the table stewards for not giving them super service. They seemed to be afraid they might starve between courses. Their physical appetites seemed the one thing that mattered to them.

I never saw them reading a book or paper. They sat between meals and stared out, apparently waiting for the next meal. One night I saw them sitting thus and staring blankly, when a bright idea flashed across the dull brain of the man.

He went to the mantelpiece and picked up the vases and looked into them and then returning to his wife with the news: "They're empty!" I came very near laughing. He was right: "They're empty!" But it wasn't merely the vases! The souls and brains
of both of them were empty. They had much in their purses, but nothing in their persons; and that was their punishment. They had security with boredom - no adventure. They had expanding girths and narrowing horizons."

The miserable pair was living from one meal to the next and from one experience to the next, finally uttering in realistic despair,
"It's all empty." Life without God is empty and meaningless.

How does life come to have meaning and significance? It is learning the truth about who God is and what he wants is to do.
Solomon has discovered that life with all of its enjoyment, excitement and potential is really meaningless without God
because we were made to have a relationship with him.
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Someone has said that life is like a scho ...

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