by Samuel Burgess

The Search Is Still On For One Man
Sammy Burgess
Ezekiel 22:23-30

Every Christian who is faithful to read and study the Bible can testify to the fact that God always speaks to your heart. God always has something to say to those who will take time to read His Word and who will take time to listen to what He has to say.

Now there are times that God speaks to my heart in a Delayed Matter. What I mean by this is, there are times that I read a passage of Scripture; have a time of prayer, then later on in the day, the Lord really begins to deal with my heart about what I read in His Word. It was not that He didn't speak to me while I was reading - there were certain things that He wanted me to know and learn, so He put me in a certain place or a certain position, making certain decisions in order to help me understand His Word better and put those truths to use.

There are times that God speaks to my heart in a Direct Matter. There are certain verses of Scripture that immediately speak to my heart. These verses that are before us are some of those verses that Directly and Divinely speak to my heart. [Especially vs.30]

(1)- This Verse Places A Challenge Before Me!

Notice the words "I sought for a man." I love challenges. There are goals that I set and I do my best to achieve them. I never want to be a person who is satisfied with life; whether it deals with my family, my ministry, my future. I always want to be doing something to better myself. [I try not to dabble in 10 things at once…]

Now, I love working for the Lord. In fact, working for the Lord is my life; it is my passion. There is a drive in my heart for God's Work and to do God's Word that I pray will never go away.
This verse sets before me a Great and Godly challenge to be something and do something for the Lord. This verse seems to be saying to me, "Be the best Christian that you can possibly be."

I have come to understand that 'being good' for G ...

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