by Samuel Burgess

Tears Are A Language That God Understands
Sammy Burgess
Job 16:20; Psalm 56:8

[Illustration]> The story is told of the Angel that was sent to earth with orders to bring back to the most precious thing he could find on earth. He flew down and searched from pole to pole. He went into the depths of the sea. He picked up a 'gold nugget' but he thought that was not good enough for the King. He found a 'flawless pearl' but it wasn't enough.

The Angel kept searching through and through. Finally, he heard a sob. It was a man who was on his knees, pouring out his heart to God for help and forgiveness. The Angel said to him self; ''Ah; that's it. I have found it.'' The Angel held his hand under the man's face and caught one of the ''tears'' that were flowing down his face. He flew in triumph back to Heaven; presented the 'tear' to the Father proclaiming that the 'tear' is the most precious thing on earth.

We see ''tears'' being shed so often that we forget just how precious they are. 'Tears' have meaning; ''tears'' speak volumes. 'Tears' that flow from the face of a person may be overlooked by others, but they are not shunned or overlooked by Heaven. They are bottled up; they are recorded You could say; ''Tears are a language God understands.''

When you open God's Precious, Holy, Inspired Word, you find a message for every life; for every area of life; no matter what your responsibility may be; no matter what the test is before you; no matter how great your need may be. There is no human life experience that is not covered by the Word of God.

In every gathering that we have, there are some who have been called upon to suffer and bear heavy burdens. Some are given the responsibility of carrying certain grief's and sorrows. *In one of the verses before us, Job's friends scorned him; and in response to what was taking place, Job admitted ''Mine eye poureth out tears.'' This means ''to weep to pour out, to melt.'' Job was in a position that caused ...

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